Father ‘Murders Daughter’s Former Boyfriend For Offering Her Into Sex Trafficking Ring’

Dad ‘Murders Daughter’s Past Boyfriend For Offering Her Towards Gender Trafficking Ring’

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Father ‘Murders Daughter’s Past Boyfriend For Selling The Woman Towards Intercourse Trafficking Ring’

an Arizona condition parent is behind taverns and dealing with first-degree murder charges after allegedly eliminating a 19-year-old guy he thought offered their child into a sex trafficking ring. John Eisenman, 60, beat and stabbed Aaron Sorenson in Spokane in November 2020, a crime which he later on admitted, according to

A Spokane guy discovered you of a 19-year-old in a deserted automobile’s trunk area almost a couple of weeks before. Detectives detained John Eisenman for murder. The 60-year-old informed police he murdered the teenager for allegedly selling his daughter into a sex trafficking band.

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November 2, 2021

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  1. Sorenson ended up being Eisenman’s child’s previous date.

    Authorities say that Eisenman discovered in Oct 2020 that Sorenson had presumably sold her into an intercourse trafficking band for $1,000. The guy moved from their house in Spokane getting his child in Seattle to bring her home. He eventually discovered that Sorenson had plans to arrive at Spokane another month.

  2. Eisenman didn’t come with qualms about admitting just what the guy performed.

    During an authorities interview, Eisenman admitted which he murdered Sorenson because of the revelations about his girl. In November 2020, the guy zip-tied him and put him inside the trunk area of a vehicle before putting a cinder block at their head and stabbing him multiple times when you look at the tummy. Their human body had been discovered inside the trunk area for the deserted auto on Oct 22. The car formerly belonged to Eisenman’s fiance,

  3. Eisenman wished Sorenson’s human anatomy to prevent be located.

    The guy told officers that he remaining the car with Sorenson’s human anatomy inside in an isolated region outside Spokane County. Before leaving it, he took out of the battery pack to make certain that no one can drive it. At some time, an authorized relocated the automobile with the Hillyard area of Spokane and remaining it truth be told there. It had been when neighbors began checking out the automobile they discovered one’s body.

  4. Eisenman has no past criminal record.

    He’s not a profession violent but regardless of this, he had been remanded in guardianship together with his bond arranged at $1 million. If convicted of first-degree murder, the guy could invest existence behind bars. It is unknown just how their girl is dealing with how it happened to this lady this situation.

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